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Robert Hume San Diego, originating from Georgia, exhibited a distinctive blend of virtues right from his early years, encompassing qualities such as diligence, bravery, and a strong sense of responsibility. These virtues have consistently shone through in his actions and choices throughout his career.

Starting his career as a Lieutenant in the Fire Marshal office in Roswell, GA, his interest in construction safety was sparked. A testament to his hardworking spirit, he spent hours reviewing construction blueprints for Fire & life safety compliance issues that refined his ability to ensure safety at complex construction sites.

A core demonstration of his courage, he undertook a career-defining role when appointed as a Safety Professional for General Motors Corporation in Rayong, Thailand. He worked tirelessly to ensure safe construction practices. The massive project was not only a leap of courage geographically but marked a significant escalation of professional responsibility, which he embraced.

He continued his international career in the Marshal Islands, undergoing dual projects under the US Corp of Engineers contract. His role expanded to environmental liaison and safety oversight in compliance with EM-385. His accountability showed through each phase of this rigorous duty, ensuring safe and sustainable development.

Returning to his homeland, he guided safety initiatives in heavy civil engineering projects. His hard work and expertise came into play during his tenure with Kiewit Construction and Ames Construction. His experience in active railroad construction, open pit/tunneling, mining, and various safety certifications provided indispensable oversight to these heavyweight industries.

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Robert Hume San Diego

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